About Mission Bit


Despite being the heart of the tech industry, the Bay Area is home to thousands of high school students who lack access to computer science courses. The majority of these students are from backgrounds that are underrepresented in tech (Black, Latinx, female).


Mission Bit aims to inspire youth of color to explore the world of STEM with project-based computer science education that embraces their identities.


Mission Bit empowers young innovators who reflect our diversity to become leaders of the global technology revolution, developing solutions that serve our whole community.

Core Values

Social Justice

Providing equal opportunities for the underrepresented & under-resourced


Cultivating a supportive environment of like-minded peers


Practicing empathy, honesty, and openness


Embracing the responsibility to inspire future generations

Smart Risks

Encouraging the pursuit of passions

Our Team

Photo of Byron Beasley
Byron Beasley

Curriculum Developer

Photo of Candace Brady
Candace Brady

People Operations Specialist

Photo of Christina Ortega
Christina Ortega

Chief Executive Officer, Board President

Photo of Cora Monokandilos
Cora Monokandilos

Director of Curriculum

Photo of Cynthia Chin
Cynthia Chin

Director of Programs

Photo of Evalani Clark
Evalani Clark

Marketing Strategist

Photo of Johnny Lin
Johnny Lin

Development Intern

Photo of Rachel Scales
Rachel Scales

Innovative Learning Coordinator

Photo of Zoe Kurtz
Zoe Kurtz

Program Manager

Photo of Zuri Mubarak
Zuri Mubarak

Program Coordinator


Photo of Angela Richards
Angela Richards

Lead Instructor

Photo of Brent Gannetta
Brent Gannetta

Lead Instructor

Photo of Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores

Instructor's Assistant

Photo of Eric Ni
Eric Ni

Lead Instructor

Photo of Jake Guida
Jake Guida

Lead Instructor

Photo of Kaila Jones
Kaila Jones

Instructor's Assistant

Photo of Kelly Shao
Kelly Shao

Instructor's Assistant

Photo of Marvin Lee
Marvin Lee

Instructor's Assistant

Photo of Matthew Escobar
Matthew Escobar

Lead Instructor

Photo of Ramon Garay
Ramon Garay

Instructor's Assistant

Photo of Samuel Senar
Samuel Senar

Instructor's Assistant

Photo of Sunny Marquez
Sunny Marquez

Instructor's Assistant

Photo of Ver Pasamic
Ver Pasamic

Lead Instructor

Student Advisory Board

Photo of Antonio Campbell Rodriguez
Antonio Campbell Rodriguez

Carlmont High School Class of 2024

Photo of Favour Odenyi
Favour Odenyi

Mission High School Class of 2023

Photo of Karina Anders
Karina Anders

Lowell High School Class of 2023

Photo of Kathleen Zapata
Kathleen Zapata

ICA Class of 2024

Photo of Nate Sirivallop
Nate Sirivallop

Lowell High School Class of 2023

Photo of Rafael Perez
Rafael Perez

Lowell High School Class of 2023

Photo of Steven Wu
Steven Wu

Wallenburg High School Class of 2024

Photo of Tara Tiong
Tara Tiong

Lowell High School Class of 2023


Photo of Allison Scott, PhD
Allison Scott, PhD

CEO at Kapor Foundation

Photo of Bob Ippolito
Bob Ippolito

Entrepreneur, Maker of Things

Photo of Christina Ortega
Christina Ortega

Chief Executive Officer, Board President

Photo of Christine Keener
Christine Keener

Director, Government and Community Affairs at Verizon

Photo of Clive Downie
Clive Downie

Board Emeritus CMO, Unity Technologies

Photo of Dan Garon
Dan Garon

GM of Emerging Platforms at Zynga

Photo of Jeff Schnitz
Jeff Schnitz

Board Treasurer Founder of Hypothetico, Inc.

Photo of Jennifer Collins
Jennifer Collins

Board Secretary Senior VP, Business Development at Tunein

Photo of Jill McNay
Jill McNay

Marketing Professional

Photo of Sam Purtill
Sam Purtill

Board Chair VP of Engineering at Advantage Solutions

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