Demo Day


5:30 Welcome from Mission Bit team
5:40 Keynote speech and student speeches
5:50 Explore student projects
7:10 Winners announced

Keynote Speaker

AnaLexicis Bridewell is a proud Angeleno with a one-of-a-kind personality and genuine spirit! Growing up in Los Angeles inspired her to attend college in the City of Angels and earn her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She was on her way to take on law school, until she had her “aha” moment! AnaLexicis decided to let go of others’ dream for her to become a lawyer and entered into another field: education. In her various roles, AnaLexicis always found herself planning and executing events for various communities. Eventually, it became a passion she has further made into a lifestyle. More than likely on any given day, you will find AnaLexicis with a planner and pen in her hand ready to make ideas come to life.

While AnaLexicis still works in higher education, she prioritizes her physical and mental health by adding self-care elements in her daily life. She loves to workout and is in the process of completing her personal training certification. AnaLexicis also enjoys tapping into her creative side. This includes (but certainly not limited to) practicing cursive and calligraphy, listening to music and randomly dancing, creating essential oil scents, and brainstorming new events and activities that will create memorable, fun experiences!

Judging Categories

Most Innovative

Recognizes projects that demonstrate creativity and embrace experimentation to break conventions of form or concept.

Most Significant Impact

Recognizes projects that target specific social issues with proven outcomes/actions that align with Mission Bit core values.

Most Technical

Recognizes projects that have all or most of the following attributes in their code: maintainability, reusability, readability, and efficiency.


Christopher Clark

Fairfield-Suisun USD
Director of Technology Support Service

Maria Kang

Software Engineer II

Nicole Ndeto

Pathfinders Advertising
Software Engineer

Zuri Lyons

Software Engineer

Alumni Presentation


Gallery of National Black History

Kathleen and Rafael developed this stunning and immersive experience in their Intro to Game Design class with Mission Bit in 2021. This game is an impressive walk-through museum highlighting the accomplishments of Civil Rights activists and leaders.

Kathleen Zapata

Rafael Perez

Student Projects


Breakout Room 1

Lost Circuit

Praise Odenyi and Rodrigo Rodas

Intro to Unity with Eric

Maze with robots and shooting elements

College Bound home page

College Bound

Iver Thorndal, Rigoberto Morales, and Wilfredo Alvarez

Intro to Web with Ver

College bound was designed by Mission Bit students (Willy, Iver, Rigoberto) and was created for one solid purpose. For the sake of assisting young adults to find summarized information on community colleges and why they should attend them, as well as listing several community colleges within the bay area.

Snake Game

Emma Bui, D’angelo De Anda, and Ahmed Nagi

Intro to Python with Angela

Snake Game: “More food you eat, the longer the snake gets, but if you bump into the wall or yourself, you die.”

Breakout Room 2

Virtual Maze

Samuel Gutierrez

Intro to Virtual Reality with Cameron

Immersive 3D maze

Vintage Goods

Ava Trujillo and Brandon Ake

Intro to Web Design with Jake

A company dedicated to nostalgia, bringing the past into the future

Job Finder

Dawit Bonga, Ibrahim Al-Jawi, and Zaire Washington

Intro to Python with Angela

I will receive messages to get a job and then see if I qualify for the right profession.

Breakout Room 3

The Exterminator

Caius Probst

Intro to Unity with Eric

Simple Zombie Shooter game


Dan Nakamarua (Cedrick Patterson) and Jacques Peng

Intro to Web with Jake

The creation of a helpful but also social intractable platform.

Within Eleven Minutes

Erin Zheng and Tiffany Chen

Intro to VR with Cameron

An escape room with bungee-jumping simulator.

Breakout Room 4


Geovanny Leiva and Jacqueline Campos

Intro to Web with Jake

This is a new version of Geo’s mom Doterra Website, we wanted to re-design her essential oils business website to make it easier for users to use and to make clients interested in shopping! This will help clients have a better time online shopping and knowing how to use Essential Oils.

Fireworks Game

Quy Thai

Intro to Python with Angela

Firework Game: “It’s a firework simulator and you can adjust the fireworks to your liking by tuning the code of the simulator. Things like (Colors, Pattern, Shape) are changeable, the complexity of the change also varies based on WHAT is being CHANGED”

Virtual Versus the Machine

Daniel Huynh

Intro to VR with Cameron

Wave-based pve combat by first-person-shooter.

Breakout Room 5


Steven Wu and Grace Lin

Intro to Unity with Eric

Relaxing farming game


Jayani Motley and Sharon Chan

Intro to Web with Jake

A website that helps people find out what to watch.

Drawing Game

Chi Chun Lau

Intro to Python with Angela

Drawing Game: “It is a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge that is drawn using a python turtle.”

Breakout Room 6

Trapped in the Abyss

Jaelin Bruner and Yoltzin Aguilar

Intro to Unity with Eric

survival maze runner

Tasty Eats

Qinghe Mai and Zada Colas

Intro to Web with Jake

Immaculate recipes that delivers food with the most authentic taste no matter where you are

The Haunted Maze

Linssey Fuentes Serrano and Amy Li

Intro to VR with Cameron

3D maze to escape from, with horror elements such as jumpscares.

Chess Game

Gianmanuel Sarmiento

Intro to VR with Cameron

An immersive 3D chess game