Reasons to love volunteering with Mission Bit

Cora | March 31, 2022
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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many community-based organizations are working hard to reconnect with those they serve and rebuild their programs to suit an in-person environment again. At Mission Bit, we had to adapt our programming to an online format for our students, which only made disparities in access to tech more obvious and our work more vital. Now that we are slowly transitioning back to in-person programming, we need volunteers to assist in our classrooms, help coordinate events, facilitate workshops, and more.

You might have volunteered before the pandemic and are looking for ways to give back again. Or maybe you’re a first-time volunteer looking to make a meaningful change in your community. With a range of options and a supportive staff ready to welcome you, you are sure to find your perfect volunteer opportunity at Mission Bit.

Perks of volunteering with Mission Bit

Without volunteers, Mission Bit’s efforts wouldn’t have the reach that they do. That’s why we ensure that our volunteers feel supported and have fun every step of the way, from our engaging volunteer orientation to the exciting events and workshops that volunteers can choose to help out for. We have a variety of volunteer positions, from single-day events to long-term projects and even weekly hands-on assistance in our classrooms. This means that whatever your skill set and schedule, you’re bound to find volunteering opportunities that work for you!

My first volunteer role was in Juliana’s 2017 Android Game class. The students and Juliana made it fun to show up, learn, and help out. As a professional mobile developer, I was impressed the students were building complex games with advanced mechanics using version control. A year later, I worked with a student-turned-teaching assistant named Abel. It was fun catching up recently at his first job, where Abel is excited to develop educational software. I enjoy volunteering at Mission Bit because you get to learn from bright students each semester. The staff truly cares and it’s a major highlight each week.

— Sebastian Gallese

Are you a college student looking for work-study hours? Does your school or major have a community service or practicum requirement for graduation? Check with your school’s employment office or enrollment services department to see if Mission Bit volunteering can qualify! We are always looking to build partnerships with local colleges and universities to offer these kinds of opportunities to students, and your school might already be on the list!

Many companies also have programs that encourage employees to volunteer by matching their volunteer hours with monetary donations. Check with your Human Resources Department to see if your volunteer hours with Mission Bit can be matched and extend your volunteering impact even further!

Volunteering with Mission Bit is such a rewarding experience. Teaching the material, on its own, is a great opportunity to observe the way students think, as there are many ways to tackle any given problem. What I enjoyed the most were all the fun and interesting ideas students would come up with for their final projects. It reminds me of the excitement I had when I first learned how to put my ideas into a website. Being able to share that excitement with students now and help them accelerate that process has been an absolute joy! I look forward to seeing how much further the students go with this education.

— Vance Ingalls

Can’t donate? Other ways to give back

Still on the fence? Wondering how else you can give back? You can start by sharing this blog post with your network to encourage people you know to join the Mission Bit, volunteer family!

Another way you can help is to become a repeat donor for just $10 a month, less than the cost of a single meal delivery. While we love large donations too, knowing that we can count on our repeat donors every month helps us budget better and meet unexpected challenges throughout the year.

In conclusion…

The tech industry is ever-growing in the Bay Area, which only increases the need for the kind of in-depth computer science education that Mission Bit provides. Without the help of our amazing volunteers, we would not be able to give our students the support and top-notch resources that they deserve to thrive in the tech space.

If you have any questions about volunteering and ways you can help us bridge the tech divide, send us an email at If you’re ready to get involved, fill out our quick and easy online sign-up sheet! Let us know what category of volunteering works best for you and tell us a bit about your skillset so that we can help you find your ideal role. And to stay up to date on events, news, and more, subscribe to our newsletter. We hope you’ll consider becoming a part of the Mission Bit volunteer family today!